Getting Back on the (Armored) Horse

Low=level Night Elf Druid

So.  Nine months without logging in to World of Warcraft.  This is probably the longest I’ve gone without playing or being subbed since launch in 2004.  Ironically, my lapse began during the ‘busy season’ a couple of months after Legion, …

Upside Down

U.S. flag in distress

I feel like our nation has gone crazy.

This week, our President changed his stance three times on regard to a terror attack committed by a nazi sympathizer, eventually settling on it being the fault of both Nazis and the …


Car hitting protestors in Charlottesville

The events in Charlottesville yesterday and today are not the fault of the President.  He is, though, at least partially responsible for the environment.  He has flirted with white nationalists and various other hate groups.  It is the final, most …