Actual Disgust

I’m gonna generalize a bit here, so just deal with it.

The Republicans in power in Alabama’s statehouse disgust me.  They are an example of everything that disgusts me about pure politics.  They don’t have any principles outside of maintaining and exercising power.  There’s a possibility that they’re not outright racists, but…  Best case scenario, they are utilizing the racism present in their electorate to further their political agenda.

When there’s a Federal law that Republicans favor (DOMA), they are fierce defenders.  When a Federal court goes against them1, the Republicans seek to countermand at the state level.  When the Feds or state try to horn in on ‘local’ issues like education, they demand local control.

Except…  If a city2 gets uppity and decides to raise their minimum wage…  Well, suddenly, local control is just too messy and, and…  Well, those uppity negroes just don’t know what’s in their best interest!

The bill that was passed by Republican legislators and signed by a Republican Governor goes further than just saying that Birmingham is incapable of setting its own minimum wage.  They are also too incompetent to decide anything else regarding labor law- no paid leave, sick time, vacation, etc.

Beyond the rank racism at play here, the underlying hypocrisy is disgusting.  It’s the same reason we won’t have a new Supreme Court Justice for 10+ months.

Hey Republicans- why not do something novel, and actually have some principals?  Power-seeking isn’t a principle- it’s a vice.

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