The Two Tiny Changes the ACA Needs

There are two things the ACA has failed at, and they are almost inextricably linked.

The first is addressing the very basic health needs of young Americans, who rightfully feel like more is being asked of them, even as they …

Ethical Quandry

I’ll make this quick…

Why am I worried about potential ethics issues regarding our incoming President?

  1. Because he is being so tight with the information concerning his holdings and his plans in regard to them.
  2. Because his reluctance to distance

Sound of Silence

While I’ve been inevitably active on social media, I have not posted anything in this space since the election.  I have maybe a half-dozen aborted posts lurking, but I was unable to carry any of them to term. I’ve felt …


It’s a minute till midnight, and I’m starting to overcome the buzzing sensation I get from being on the road too long.  Quick math: 361 x 2 (to Syracuse and back) plus 190 x 2 (to Ann Arbor and back) …

The Great Debate

Here goes:

Trump:  Punitive taxes on companies that leave the USA.  He talks about jobs leaving the country- specifically calls out the Ford plant going to Mexico, the desolation of Michigan and Ohio.  Says he’ll cut business taxes from 35% …

George Washington Weeps

I’ve been reading a book about achieving excellence.  The author references various qualities perceived to be soft, which are actually hard to master, but are nonetheless invaluable.

One early bit that has caught my attention is George Washington’s focus on …

Joke’s On Us

From a Disqus discussion on a piece on The Atlantic:

I think Trumps great appeal is that he is able to voice important truths which most fair, intelligent, good American people think but few, or no other national leaders have

The Conservative Conundrum

Do you believe that our country has plenty of jobs?  Do you believe that people in our country stop depending on the government, and get those jobs?

Or, do you instead believe that immigrants are taking all our jobs?  That …