Don’t throw out the anonymous baby with the troll-flavored bathwater…

I was reading this story from The Verge earlier, where they discuss combating the Russian Troll1 phenomenon by passing legislation to require more web sites to associate a Real Person with each user account.

As much as I want to believe that using real names in more places would ratchet down toxicity, I think Facebook is proof enough that many people have no problem being wretched under their own names- many even take pride in it.

I think continuous education and more transparent institutions are the only solution to trolls and fake news.

The mainstream news / opinion media needs to hold itself to a higher standard.  Leave the baited-breath reporting and click-bait headlines for the tabloids.  Further, present good-faith arguments for ‘both sides’, such as they exist.

Lastly, ‘we the people’ need to do a better job vetting stories before sharing them.  If we want ‘extreme vetting’ for refugees, why aren’t we willing to perform some basic vetting of the poison we gleefully share to friends and family?

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