Ethical Quandry

I’ll make this quick…

Why am I worried about potential ethics issues regarding our incoming President?

  1. Because he is being so tight with the information concerning his holdings and his plans in regard to them.
  2. Because his reluctance to distance himself indicates that maintaining his empire is more important to him than being the President of the United States of America.
  3. Because being POTUS isn’t being a mid-round pick in the NFL Draft…  He’s not going to die homeless in a shelter somewhere.  He could give away all of his assets tomorrow, and still not have to worry about whether or not he can afford to get cheese on his Whopper.1

Perhaps my concerns are simply ‘much ado about nothing’.  I guess I would just like to see some sign that indicates that he understands that being President is a sacrifice, rather than an enrichment opportunity.whopper


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