I Couldn’t Type a Clarence Thomas Joke Through My Tears

When you think about who the Republicans have become, and what they want to do with our country, you quickly realize that Brett Kavanaugh is exactly the person they want in that seat They couldn’t have picked a more apropo nominee.

First, remember that the Republican President has had as many as 15 published allegations against him, has has openly bragged about sexually harassing and assaulting women, has referred to his own daughter as essentially an animate sex toy, continued to employ a domestic abuser until the situation became public, and rallied support to a purported pedophile because that upper-case ‘R’ is more important than basic morality.

Second, who better than Brett Kavanaugh to hold down Lady Justice- to muffle her so that she is not just blind, but mute as well? What do Republicans want out of the Court? They want to commit assault- against women’s rights, against worker rights, against privacy rights, against Civil Rights… They want to unshackle the frat boys of heavy industry so that they can force themselves on Mother Nature herself.1

And, at the end of the day, all Blackout Brett has to do to be able to look his wife and daughter in the eyes is slam some brewskies until it all fades away.

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