Joke’s On Us

From a Disqus discussion on a piece on The Atlantic:

I think Trumps great appeal is that he is able to voice important truths which most fair, intelligent, good American people think but few, or no other national leaders have the courage, common sense or the power to say these truths.1

I think Trump’s great strength2 is that there are a ton of white folks that are starting to have a bad time of things, and they remember a better, whiter time when things were better.

He then shifts the blame for any misfortune that has befallen these white folks onto the Jews3 Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and Chinese.  Throw in some scary talk about terrorism, and you’ve got a campaign.

Yes, things might have been better for your average white person when ‘average white person’ meant you started out on the 50-yard line.  Alas, now, we’re only starting on the 25.  I just wish that instead of being pissed about that, we’d be empathetic to the folks that have just now made it to the 15.

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