Actual Disgust

I’m gonna generalize a bit here, so just deal with it.

The Republicans in power in Alabama’s statehouse disgust me.  They are an example of everything that disgusts me about pure politics.  They don’t have any principles outside of maintaining …

An Adulting Failwhale

I was watching some old pictures flash by on one of those digital picture frames, and one thought keep replaying in my mind: How, in every single photo, things seemed simpler.  Maybe not easier, but certainly simpler.

I’m sure part …

Shots Fired at the Q!

So, the Cavs fired their coach, David Blatt.  Opinion is split between whether he deserved to be let go.  People seem pretty one-sided in believing that Lebron James was the prime mover in the decision.

To be fair, Lebron has …

The MLK Day Post

I usually try to stay away from race.

It’s not because I can’t see how historic mistreatment has led to current day inequality, but because, if we are unified by anything, it is the struggle to get by and succeed- …

Warlords of Draenor Reveal!

Warlords of Draenor Logo

We have a release date: 11/13/14

We also have a cinematic trailer:

Did I mention the live stream?

A quick breakdown:

– ‘Ability Pruning’ is meant to strip away button detritus and give the game room to grow.

– The …