The MLK Day Post

I usually try to stay away from race.

It’s not┬ábecause I can’t see how historic mistreatment has led to current day inequality, but because, if we are unified by anything, it is the struggle to get by and succeed- …

Warlords of Draenor Reveal!

Warlords of Draenor Logo

We have a release date: 11/13/14

We also have a cinematic trailer:

Did I mention the live stream?

A quick breakdown:

– ‘Ability Pruning’ is meant to strip away button detritus and give the game room to grow.

– The …

Diablo and Such

I spent some money on games this past weekend. $55 at Gamestop, then another $40 on Battle.Net.

At Gamestop, $55 got me Ryse for the XBO, Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3, and Tony Hawk\’s Proving Grounds, Halo 4, and …