Upside Down

I feel like our nation has gone crazy.

This week, our President changed his stance three times on regard to a terror attack committed by a nazi sympathizer, eventually settling on it being the fault of both Nazis and the counter-protestors who had showed up to to blunt their impact.

Both sides certainly were involved in skirmishes, and no one will ever know who ‘threw the first punch’.  What we do know is that the Nazi / White Supremacist1 cohort came prepared for a battle, and their ideology and actions have historically been violent.  What we also know is that some basic skirmishes at the edges of the crowds is a far cry from plunging a speeding car into a crowded intersection.

After failing that test, much to the delight of the David Dukes of the world, our President then proceeded to tweet about the tragedy of the ‘beauty that is being taken out of our cities…’, referring to Confederate statues being removed.  All I want to know is, has our President ever thought about what it must feel like for an African American to walk under a statue- a tribute to a man who fought to keep the chains of slavery around the ankles of his / her ancestors?  That these vulgar displays- monuments to a war fought to preserve the darkest stain on our nation’s raiments- exist, and that they exist on public lands, is a travesty.

If you thought that our President praising with faint damns a crowd of violent Nazis, and following that up with aggrandizing the relics of white supremacy weren’t enough, he and his lawyer followed all of that up by comparing Confederate generals favorably to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Now, we must understand that all of these men owned slaves, and Jefferson in particular bears the burden of being a slaveowner while penning the words ‘All men are created equal…’  That said, Washington and Jefferson and their compatriots took up arms to enhance the liberties of our nation.  General Lee and Stonewall Jackson and so many others took up arms to defend the institution of slavery.  Also, seeking to establish such an equivalence fails to notice the 60 years between Washington’s death and the beginnings of the Civil War.  How far have we come in respect to the expansion of civil rights since the 1960’s?2

I’ve lived through six different Presidential administrations.  There have been plenty of policies, both Republican and Democratic, that I have disagreed with.  I have never thought, though, that our President didn’t want to do what was right for our nation, even if I didn’t agree with it.  I don’t even think President Trump wants to harm the nation…  I think he just doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care who he hurts.  He doesn’t care what happens to any of us, so long as he gets his folder every morning with all of his happy coverage, and he sees his name and face in the news.  It’s more important to make news than to do good.  Ben Carson says he doesn’t have the experience to be the Health and Human Services Secretary, so Trump puts a surgeon in charge of Housing and Urban Development.3  He puts the Rick Perry- the guy that wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy in command of it.4  I mean…  here’s a list of the most recent Energy Secretaries:

  • Steven Chu: Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
  • Ernest Moniz: Nuclear physicist.
  • Rick Perry:  Former Governor with a degree in animal science.

Are you fucking kidding me?5

In a recent poll, six out of ten Trump supporters say that they will support him no matter what.  I think we can see that already.

We will survive.  I think we’ll actually pull through this better than ever, because Mr. Trump’s administration could be the death knell of the Republican Party as a national power- especially if they come up on the wrong side of more of these racist gerymandering lawsuits.  In this upside down world, our President feels no compulsion to do his actual job, so it is clearly up to us to lead for the time being.

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