What Once Was

What Once Was

I used to be a Republican- I’ve mentioned that on here before. There are literally hundreds of reasons why I’m not one any more. The core one, though, involves how I see myself, and my distaste for caveats.

By the end of my Republican era, this is what I would have had to say, if politics came up:

I am a Republican, but I believe in global warming.

I’m a Republican, but I believe racism and sexism still exist.

I’m a Republican, but I believe in paying my fair share in taxes.

I’m a Republican, but I believe in having quality public education.

I’m a Republican, but I believe in a strong social safety net.

I’m a Republican, but I believe in making sure everyone that is eligible can vote.

I’m a Republican, but I loathe that we market ourselves to nationalists and racists, because, hey, they vote, too.

I’m a Republican, but I believe it’s important to support women who have been victims of sexual harassment or violence.

Is it just me, or does that seem excessive?

I don’t even consider myself a Democrat, even though that’s almost certainly how I’ll be voting for the foreseeable future. Know why? It’s because this is much easier:

I’m a Democrat, but I support the Second Amendment, I think it’s important to protect religious freedoms, and I think we should be more honest about discussing the costs of government programs.

On the one hand, I think it’s a good sign if you’re not in lock-step with every single aspect of your chosen party- diversity of thought is a strength. On the other hand, it feels almost almost quixotic to try to be a member of a political party that hasn’t existed in the form you would support since like 70 years before your birth.

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