Can Someone Help Explain This Whole Sexism Thing to Me?

Or really, any of the -ism’s.

I don’t have the cultural or societal ‘knowledge’ to understand why someone would attempt to offer someone less pay, assume they are less capable1, or otherwise treat someone in a different manner based on a skin color or the presense or lack of dangling genitalia.

I can’t understand offering Gillian Anderson signifcantly2 less than David Duchovny.

I can’t understand men who are toxic toward women on social media.  I can’t understand why people in general are that way toward each other, but I see so many examples of men bringing ‘womanness’ into the fight3

I can’t understand why we still prejudge people based on their wrappers.  How does Ammon Bundy get to live when Tamir Rice doesn’t?

I’m sure I have some unequal thoughts in my head that are derived from stereotypes or poor learning…  But how do so many people seemingly live their lives based on these false conceptions?  More importantly, how do people that exist on the internet continue to harbor these illusions?

And lastly, where do these people get the nerve to say hateful things to people? This is what gets me.  Even beyond being ignorant enough to hold to backward, hateful positions, where do people get off voicing or acting on those prejudices to actual humans?

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