Diablo and Such

I spent some money on games this past weekend. $55 at Gamestop1, then another $40 on Battle.Net.

At Gamestop, $55 got me Ryse for the XBO, Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3, and Tony Hawk\’s Proving Grounds2, Halo 4, and Perfect Dark for the 360. Tony threw down on Batman to round out the bunch. For my $40 on Battle.net, Blizzard was nice enough to let me play Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.


Ryse has been a lot of fun so far. It is going to be a short game, but it\’s been a gruesome blast thus far. I heard it was repetitive, but I\’ve accumulated about 300 levels in Call of Duty, and 200 in Titanfall in the last six months, so yea. Perhaps it feels less repetitive because it\’s short, and I don\’t mind it being short, as it only cost me $30? In any case, it is gorgeous. The only letdown so far is that the \’boss\’ fights as you might call them have been less than exhilarating.

Diablo… When Blizzard patched up Diablo in anticipation of Reaper of Souls, they added in most of the improvements from the console version of the game for free. Which is to say, they turned a slightly stinky Diablo 3 into a very-nearly perfect vision of what Diablo could be. Gear flows fast and loose, every class feels a little OP, and, if you are a closet masochist, there is always the \’Torment VI\’ difficulty setting3. I was kind of concerned buying the expac for just one Act, 10 levels, and a new class, but, yea, totally worth it.

In short, I spent virtually all of my weekend playing teh games. I\’ll be paying for that this week as I scramble to get the house clean before WordCamp: North Canton this weekend… But my crusader, Aribeth4, looks like a boss.

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