Lighter Fare

I haven’t posted much about gaming recently, because reasons.

I have been playing a pretty consistent bit of Heroes of the Storm, though, and will be for the forseeable future now that I have my brother hooked.  He has quite a bit to learn,1 but this is the best time for a new player- getting into some of the nuance of different characters, while trying to nail down the specifics of each map’s strategy.  Oh- and a ‘Friends Event’ that unlocks mounts in both Heroes and WoW.

A new character was released this week- Lucio from Overwatch.  I want to get a few more matches in with him before I weigh in, but early on, he seems to be somewhat hyper-specific in his support role.

This weekend, I plan on spending some time on Titanfall 2- I played to rounds at random last week, and I was pretty blown away regarding the graphical upgrades from the first release.  Also, I’m using any excuse I can to pick up the Xbox Elite controller I recently acquired.  It is pure joy told hold in your hands.  I honestly don’t thik I’m going to be able to pick up the PS4 controller until I spend some money on a Scuf at this point.2

Lastly, as always after a month or so off, I’m starting to get an itch to get back into World of Warcraft…  There have been some significant changes since my last log-in, and there’s a decent bit of raiding available in LFR that I’ve not experienced yet.  I’m torn, though, because my ambitions have exceeded my follow-through in WoW for the better part of 5 years now.

I’ve come to one conclusion over the past few months that affects all of my gaming going forward:  Voice chat is imperative.  Taking the extra few seconds to connect makes all the difference both from a coordination standpoint, and from a ‘build a community of friends’ standpoint.  With the exception of some single-player games, I want to make sure that, going forward, I make the committment to being on voice in order to have the best possible chance of a positive experience.

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