The MLK Day Post

I usually try to stay away from race.

It’s not because I can’t see how historic mistreatment has led to current day inequality, but because, if we are unified by anything, it is the struggle to get by and succeed- you will see people of every color struggling in this country, and you will see poor people being taken advantage of and abused by society in myriad ways.

Alas, as I watch the news, I don’t see much pointing to unity.  I see a country full of people mostly struggling to get their own, and if they’ve gotten theirs, they’re much more concerned with keeping it than helping others get there.

We all know the stats.1  There is an epidemic in the black community- single-parent homes, generational poverty, incarceration, unemployment…  All these symptoms feed into each other to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy.

All that said, here’s my question:  What do you think should be done?  How do you think we should approach the problems that are plaguing the black community?

If you don’t think anything specific should be done, why? Are you a racist?  Or do you simply not care?

In closing, I’ll let you in on a little secret:  The problems facing the black community have nothing to do with the community being black.2  It has everything to do with allowing a culture of poverty and inequality to propagate.  You should be concerned, because the ‘plague’ has jumped the firewall, and is running roughshod over the bottom end of the white community.  Do you make fun of Detroit, or Cleveland, or some other rust belt deadzone?  Because that’s coming soon to a suburb near you.

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