Quick and Dirtnappy Leoric Guide

I\’ve been playing around with Leoric since launch. While I\’m still a total noob, I have picked up a couple pointers to pass along for the newest Hero of the Storm.

Quick Tips

1) Playing aggressive is fine, but don\’t just feed your opponents XP. You have to be very conscious of where you\’re respawning… Popping up in the middle of a pack can be a huge disruption if your CD\’s are up, or it could simply be suicide.

2) Early deaths and late deaths aren\’t terribly punishing, but middle deaths are. Your regen mechanics fall behind until level 16\’s Consume Vitality.

3) You can be useful when dead, so long as you mind #1. You can keep the entire enemy team in range at the tail end of a team fight with a well placed swipe of your mace.1 Also, you provide map vision to your whole team- you are an unkillable manned surveillance drone!



Leoric, in my opinion, doesn\’t have many viable builds. There are simply aren\’t many points that you\’ll swap even situationally.

My base build goes 4-2-4-2-3-2-3. I would consider swapping out for Fealty Unto Death at level 4- it is OK if you\’re planning to go PVE-HAM. At 20, Death March can be OK if you\’re consistently finding yourself in large teamfights. Almost everyone seems to go with the default build for the time being.2

Final Thoughts

Be careful when accelerating your death timer- a well-placed Consume Vitality after level 16 can easily revive you in a tight spot, leaving you open to getting chain ganked.

Don\’t be afraid to PVE your ass off early-game to stack as many orbs as possible. You get more and more invincible the longer the game goes- so long as the other team isn\’t stacked with Heroes that gain power per minion killed.3

Skillful use of Wraith Walk seems to be the difference between being an OK Leoric and being dominant. Be careful not to accidentally Wraith Walk through an enemy gate! Also it is imperative to remember that you can cancel the ability early to teleport your body. Sometimes it\’s more important to get a little ways alive than a long way dead.

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