Warlords of Draenor Reveal!

We have a release date: 11/13/14

We also have a cinematic trailer:

Did I mention the live stream?1

A quick breakdown:

– ‘Ability Pruning’ is meant to strip away button detritus and give the game room to grow.

– The level 90 character boost, if used after the expansion goes live2, will launch you into a Death Knight-style experience that serves as an intro to both the Warlords expansion and your character. You will start out with nearly empty bars, and over the course of a quest chain, will gain your abilities and talent points. I’m not sure if this is optional, or if it is the starting experience for every boosted 90.

– The new HD models will mostly be done in time for launch- it looks like we’ll be waiting for the new Blood Elf look.

– Garrisons, beyond just player housing, are intended to inject a little old-school base-building RTS feel. I hope they feel more integral than the fake flash shooting games from the start of MoP.3

– Blizzard debuted a new animated series called “Lords Of War” that will highlight lore surrounding some of the key Warlords we’ll be taking down throughout the expansion.

– Part of the launch event includes the Iron Horde sweeping through Blasted Lands and taking over UBRS- which will be playable for level 90 characters pre-expansion.

Starting around the 34-minute mark of the live stream video, Blizzard shows of a travelogue of the zones, dungeons and raids from the coming expansion. I’m not sure how many of the dungeons will be in at launch, but they showed 8(!) in the preview. Grimrail Depot4 looks much amaze.

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